We deliver all our products to Residential and Commercial customers and to the ones who want to do-it-yourself

Our Products

Screened Topsoil


We blend and screen our own topsoil.

6A Stone


6A stone is used for Septic fields and under decks.  It can also be used for landscaping as a decorative stone. 

21AA Natural


21AA is one of our biggest sellers for new driveways and refreshing existing driveways. Also used under concrete and under brick pavers as a base before leveling sand.

21A Limestone


Same uses as 21AA Natural except it packs down hard like concrete.

6A Limestone


6A Limestone is used as a top dressing for driveways. Can also be used under decks and landscape areas.

21A Crushed Concrete


21A is mostly used for temporary driveways. It's also used under concrete and asphalt as a base.  This is also a cheaper alternative from the other 21A's.

60/40 Mix


60/40 is a 60% 2NS sand and 40% 6A Stone mix.  Used for mixing your own concrete, just add cement powder and water.

Egg Rock


Egg Rock also called 1" to 2" river rock. Used for landscaping. Looks nice around shrubs and walk ways.

Pea Gravel


Pea Gravel is the size of a green pea and is commonly used for french drains, drainage around basement walls, around swimming pools and under decks. 

1 x 3 Crushed Concrete


1 x 3 Crushed Concrete is used for new construction temporary driveways and to build a base for soft or wet areas.

2NS Sand


2NS Sand is used for septic fields under the 6A, under tile work, under brick pavers and also used to put in the water on beach fronts.

Mason Sand


Mason Sand is used for masonry work, beaches, sand boxes and kids play areas.

Slag Sand


Slag Sand is used for a leveling base for brick pavers.

Fill Sand


Fill Sand is used for a base under concrete or back fill around basements.

Fill Dirt


Fill Dirt is used for filing in larger areas and to level an area before installing topsoil.

Our Mulch is Imported from Northern Michigan

Premium Hardwood Mulch


Premium Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch

Red Mulch


Color Enhanced Red Mulch is made from 100% Hardwood

Brown Mulch


Color Enhanced Brown Mulch is made from 100% Hardwood

Premium Cedar Mulch


Premium Cedar Mulch is made of 100% Cedar

Black Mulch


Color Enhanced Black Mulch is made from 100% Hardwood

Buyer Beware!!

Our color enhanced Mulch is made from 100% Hardwood NOT trees, pallets, tree stumps or bushes.