Our Landscape Products in Oakland County

Welcome to our local landscaping supply & delivery in Oakland County! With 61 years of experience, we have the knowledge and experience to give the most capable advice on improving your property. Crown Sand & Gravel has been a constant in the landscape supply business for decades.


Landscaping Sand

Crafted for enduring quality, our high-quality sand is your lasting solution for upcoming construction projects. Our Sand Products:

  • 2NS Sand: Crown Sand & Gravel LLC's 2NS Sand, prized for its versatility, serves as the ideal foundation for septic fields, tile work, brick pavers, and beachfront water installations. Its adaptability ensures durability across a range of construction projects. 
  • Mason Sand:  Mason Sand, is tailored for masonry work, beaches, sandboxes, and children's play areas. This meticulously processed sand adds an aesthetic touch while ensuring the structural integrity of your projects. 
  • Slag Sand: Elevate your brick paver projects with our Slag Sand, which can be used as an exceptional leveling base. Renowned for its durability and stability, our Slag Sand provides the perfect foundation, ensuring a smooth and long-lasting finish for your brick paver installations.
  • Fill Sand: Fill Sand is used as a reliable base under concrete or as a backfill around basements. Fill Sand provides the essential support needed for durable and secure structures
  • 60/40 Mix: 60/40 is a 60% 2NS sand and 40% 6A Stone mix.  Used for mixing your own concrete, just add cement powder and water.
egg rock

Landscaping Rock

Revitalize your outdoor spaces with Crown Sand & Gravel LLC's premium rock products. Our selection is designed to enhance landscaping projects, offering versatile solutions for creating stunning aesthetics and functional foundations. 

  • 6A Stone: 6A stone serves as an ideal material for septic fields and deck foundations, offering versatility for landscaping applications as a decorative stone.
  • Egg Rock: Egg Rock, also known as 1" to 2" river rock, is a landscaping material that adds aesthetic appeal when placed around shrubs and walkways.


Landscaping Mulch

Indulge your landscape with the finest quality mulches from Crown Sand & Gravel LLC. Imported from Northern Michigan, our premium mulches bring a touch of natural beauty to your surroundings. All our color-enhanced mulches are crafted exclusively from 100% hardwood, enhancing your outdoor space.  

  • Premium Hardwood Mulch: Premium Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch
  • Red Mulch: Color Enhanced Red Mulch is made from 100% Hardwood
  • Brown Mulch: Color Enhanced Brown Mulch is made from 100% Hardwood
  • Premium Cedar Mulch: Premium Cedar Mulch is made of 100% Cedar
  • Black Mulch: Color Enhanced Black Mulch is made from 100% Hardwood
pea gravel

Landscaping Gravel & Construction Concrete

Explore a diverse selection of gravel and concrete products, designed to meet a range of construction needs. Our offerings cater to various applications, from providing a solid foundation for driveways and construction projects to serving as a top dressing for versatile landscaping solutions.

  • 21AA Natural: 21AA stands out as a popular choice for both constructing new driveways and refreshing existing ones. It's also a reliable option for use beneath concrete and brick pavers, providing a sturdy base before leveling sand.
  • 21A Limestone: Similar to 21AA Natural, except 21A Limestone compacts firmly, like concrete.
  • 6A Limestone: Utilized as a surface layer for driveways, 6A Limestone is also suitable for applications beneath decks and in landscaping areas.
  • 21 A Crushed Concrete: Primarily employed for makeshift driveways, 21A is a cost-effective alternative and serves as a base under both concrete and asphalt surfaces.
  • Pea Gravel: Pea Gravel, resembling the size of a green pea, is a commonly chosen material for applications such as French drains, drainage around basement walls, around swimming pools, and beneath decks.
  • 1 x 3 Crushed Concrete: 1 x 3 Crushed Concrete is used for new construction and serves as a reliable material for temporary driveways and establishes a sturdy base in soft or wet areas.

Landscaping Topsoil

You can utilize our screened topsoil and fill dirt for your next big gardening or landscaping project. 

  • Topsoil: We blend and screen our topsoil in-house to ensure premium quality. 
  • Fill Dirt: your go-to solution for filling larger areas and leveling spaces before the installation of topsoil. Ideal for creating a solid foundation, our Fill Dirt ensures a smooth and even surface.